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NAD+ Booster Precursors And Ageing

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NAD+ and it's precursors / boosters

Nicotinamidе Adеninе Dinuclеotidе (aka NAD, NAD Plus, NAD+) is еssеntial for health and drops massively as we get older. In your 60's, it may have dropped by 80% or more compared to your 20's. Increasing it with NAD nicotinamidе supplements, particularly the mono version, may help us live much longer healthier lives. There is more and more evidence to support this.

Nicotinamide Riboside Chloride (NR) powder is a popular NAD+ precursor and we get it at 99.6% purity (or higher) from the same supplier that supplied Dr. Sinclair's Harvard team. Dr. Sinclair used the more popular mono version during his research and we stock this too from his supplier at a typical purity of 99.9% or higher. Our most popular version is is the fully enzmatic form; its more expensive but you'll know the difference in quality: there are no chemical aftertastes compared to other cheaper products.

If you've arrived on this page, you've probably been searching for these new wonder products, and already know about Nicotinamidе Adеninе Dinuclеotidе.

See our News section for articles about NAD+. We follow David Sinclair: his amazing book "Why We Age - and Why We Don’t Have To" is what led us to set up LifePowders. We found that we couldn't afford to take top quality NAD+ precursors so we set out to source them ourselves. Since then, our mission has always been to provide the best quality products he takes himself to boost NAD+ levels at an affordable price.

There are much cheaper products out there, but you just have to taste them . . . you'll know immediately. Once you taste our fully enzymatic powders, we believe you'll never use another supplier.

We don't supply capsules or other products that can hide the taste of our NAD+ boosters. If you have capsules from another supplier, open one and taste the contents. Then compare it with our powders.

David Sinclair says human studies show that just taking NAD+ boosting precursor powders create an increase in NAD+ levels of up to 200% or even more. So that's what we do at LifePowders: we just take one gram of powder per day. Lipsomal, Sublingual and other terms like these don't impress us much (David got in a bit of bother for saying this, but his information is based on valid scientific data and not speculation). We figure its just marketing; we will stick with our mission to provide the highest quality products based on real data.

Browse our site to see our full range of the very best quality NAD+ boosters and precursors on the planet!