We buy all of our NMN from the same company that supplied expert David Sinclair’s team at Harvard University

Our Fully Enzymatic NMN is the best quality affordable NMN on the planet

There are 3 primary grades of NMN and the best of these is produced using a Fully Enzymatic process, which is more expensive.

Next up is the more affordable Single Step Enzymatic NMN at about half price. Finally there is cheap chemical NMN at a fraction of the price which we won't sell. LifePowder's mission is to bring the best possible quality products at affordable prices. For more details, see: The Three NMN Quality Levels in our News section.

Genuine NMN must be sold as a chemical in the EU. There are fake NMN suppliers out there, and selling NMN as a supplement in Europe is not legal. See our FAQ section for more information

Highest Quality Fully Enzymatic NMN

From the Same Company That Supplied Harvard

At LifePowders, we source our NMN from the same guys that supplied David Sinclair’s team at Harvard University. We are based in Galway, Ireland and must comply with EU regulations. We provide certificates of analysis from manufacturers, and also from USA independent labs.

NMN can't be sold as a supplement within the EU, as it has not yet been approved. As a result, genuine European NMN suppliers, including LifePowders, can only sell NMN as a chemical for laboratory and research purposes; please see our Terms and Conditions for more details. Customers should be cautious because most online NMN is fake. NMN is approved as a supplement in Japan, and was in the USA too until approx Nov 2022; it was withdrawn because a company is investigating it as a prescription medicine. It is entirely possible that it may only be available as a prescription medicine in the future!

If you want to get the best information on NMN, we recommend David Sinclair's amazing book, "Lifespan: Why We Age – and Why We Don’t Have To." It explores the science of aging and longevity, providing invaluable insights.

If you've bought cheaper NMN, you'll notice a significant difference in quality when you switch to LifePowders. Our NMN is manufactured using an advanced enzymatic catalytic method, and has fewer solvents and impurities.

At LifePowders, our mission is to enhance the health and well-being of our customers by providing only the finest products we can source worldwide.