German TMG, Berberine (Metf alternative), D3, K2

German TMG, Berberine (Metf alternative), D3, K2

German approved products from Moleqlar. Its very difficult to get clarity in the EU for supplements, so we've opted to use a German supplier for this range of products. We supply much higher quality NMN, but it’s more expensive.

Why do we supply them?

We tend to follow what David Sinclair said in his amazing book:

Lifespan: Why We Age-And Why We Don't Have to

It's all a bit technical, but this is good because there is so much bad information on the internet. This book is what inspired us to get up and running.

In his book, David says he takes 1 gram of NMN, 1 gram of resveratol (in full fat yoghurt, so that it dissolves and can be absorbed) and also vitamin D and K in the morning. In the evening he says he takes metf. Metf is a diabetes prescription only medicine in most of Europe, and has side effects. He says in other videos that berberine may be as effective. The berberine we supply doesn't need a prescription as it comes from natural sources and is EU approved.

As for vitamins D3 and K2, you can buy them in your local health store. We provide a solution here only to make it easy to buy everything fom the same place.

What about fisetin, spermidine?

Lots of conflicting studies on these. Let's just follow David Sinclair and see what he does. If he endorses them and takes them himself, then we will follow and supply them here too. To remind ourselves why its important to be cautious, there is more spermidine in a potato than in many online supplements.

At Lifepowders, our mission is to provide amazing life and health extending products that we take ourselves. If we won't take it ourselves, we don't sell it to others.