NMN Single Step Enzymatic (99.9% purity)

We buy from the same company that supplied David Sinclair's Harvard research team; there is cheaper NMN out there but our focus is on quality

This Single Step Enzymatic NMN is a more affordable option than our Fully Enzymatic NMN

Genuine NMN must only be sold in the EU as a chemical for research and laboratory use. Selling NMN as a supplement in Europe is not permitted. We sell it as a chemical; please see our Terms and Conditions for more details

There are 3 primary grades of NMN: the best of these is produced using a Fully Enzymatic process, but is more expensive; we sell it as NMN Fully Enzymatic.

Products in this section are produced using a Single Step Enzymatic Process, are more affordable and offer the next best quality.

We will not sell poor quality NMN produced using a much cheaper chemical process.

LifePowder's mission is to bring the best possible NMN to our customers at an affordable price.