Berbersome (Berberine Mineral Complex)

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Berberine Mineral Complex, an alternate to Metformin

German approved products from Moleqlar. Its very difficult to get EU clarity for supplements, so we've opted to use an EU approved German supplier for this product.

Why do we supply this?

We tend to follow what David Sinclair said in his amazing book:

Lifespan: Why We Age-And Why We Don't Have to

In this book, David says he takes metformin in the evening. Metformin is a diabetes prescription only medicine in most of Europe, and has side effects. David says in other videos that Berberine may be as effective. The berberine we supply doesn't need a prescription as it comes from natural sources and is EU approved as a supplement.

We've tried German Moleqlar products at LifePowders and found them to be high quality

Rather than re-invent the wheel, we are delighted to supply some of their their products including this one. We hope to expand their range of EU approved supplements. We provide our own NNM, NR, and Resveratol because they are higher quality (but more expensive). As with everything we supply, you need to do your own research. And we won't sell anythng we don't take ourselves, which is the best recommendation we can give.

The following information originates from Moleqlar:

  • huge increase in bioavailability
  • single capsule produces the same plasma concentration as 2500 mg (equivalent to 5 capsules) of conventional Berberine
  • product contains 60 capsules of high purity berberine phospholipid 500 mg berberine combined with chromium and zinc

Berbersome is a top quality mix of berberine phospholipid and minerals. High purity berberine surrounded by a special phospholipid layer, which increases its bioavailability. Provides essential chromium and zinc. Chromium increases the insulin sensitivity of our cells, especially after high carbohydrate meals. Zinc contributes to a normal carbohydrate metabolism.

The result is an amazing increase in bio-availability when compared to conventional Berberine powder.