Life Powders European Trans-Resveratrol Powder 30 grams

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Life Powders European trans-resveratrol powder, at least 98% pure, produced by fermentation

Typically 99% purity or higher, this is European top quality fermented Resveratrol. The best quality resveratrol we have been able to source worldwide: 
- ships from Ireland (so we must fully comply with EU regulations)
- free of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs)
- the only resveratrol on the market produced by fermentation
- trans-Resveratrol from microbial source
European Food Safety Authority approved up to 500 mg / day
- 12,000 published studies (170 human clinical trials)

Other resveratrol is Chinese-sourced, and made from Japanese Knotweed; this means there a serious risk of contamination with PAHs which are difficult (expensive) to detect. PAHs been shown to be carcinogenic.

You'll know the difference right away when you taste it: there are no chemical or off flavours.

This is not polygonum resveratrol from China and it's not synthetic resveratrol from India.

For more info, see the batch number on your package and check it's certificate of analysis in the main category section for this product.

Top Quality Food Grade Packaging

Ships in handy 30 gram packages regardless of how much you order so that you can open a couple of months supply of resveratrol at a time.