Quercetin, Spermidine or Vegetables?

Quercetin, and Spermidine or perhaps just vegetables!


We have added Quercetin. We may be taking it ourselves soon, but will follow David Sinclair's data driven recomendations as always.


David made a video mistake recently, and had to clarify that his daily spermidine supplementation contains only 1 to 2 mg of spermidine (instead of a gram). But the thing is that certain vegetables will give you just as much. At LifePowders, we grow our own peas so we probably get enough.

Google searches reveal that peas contain about 6.5 mg per 100 grams, so a 30 gram (circa one ounce) portion of peas will give you more spermidine than a typical supplememt. Same with most of the stuff we eat, but the big winner appears to be wheatgerm with 24.3 mg of spermidine per 100 grams . . . so 10 grams of wheatgerm would appear to have more spermidine that most supplememts. Its just Google though, do your own research! Now, how to grow wheatgerm . . .

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