TMG (Tri-Methyl-Glycine)

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TMG (Tri-Methyl-Glycine) Powder 120 Grams

German approved products from Moleqlar. Its very difficult to get EU clarity for supplements, so we've opted to use an EU approved German supplier for this product.

Why do we supply this?

We tend to follow what David Sinclair said in his amazing book:

Lifespan: Why We Age-And Why We Don't Have to

Whereas David doesn't take TMG at the time of writing, there are many articles suggesting we should take it with NMN. A LifePowders staff member tested low in B12 and this is either a natural thing or as a result of NMN; we won't know until late 2023. All we can say at this stage is that we will be taking TMG along with NMN from now on!

Rather than re-invent the wheel, we are delighted to supply some of Moleqlar's products including this one. We hope to expand their range of EU approved supplements. We provide our own NNM, NR, and Resveratol because they are higher quality (but more expensive). As with everything we supply, you need to do your own research. And we won't sell anythng we don't take ourselves, which is the best recommendation we can give.

The following information originates from Moleqlar:

TMG (Tri-Methyl-Glycine) Powder 120 Grams

Also called Betaine.

  • 120 grams crystalline anhydrous betaine (trimethylglycine/TMG) powder
  • stainable production from sugar beet( Beta vulgaris)
  • Betaine belongs to the group of methyl group donors and osmolytes
  • Contributes to a normal homocysteine metabolism
  • Demonstrated health-promoting longevity effects in studies

Betaine, Trimethylglycine (TMG)

The molecule betaine (TMG) belongs to the group of methyl group donors and osmolytes and forms an important role in the methylation processes. Studies have shown a protective effect against metabolic diseases.