What is MIB-626 from Metro Biotech, and is it better than NMN?

From what we can gather from their website, MIB-626 is a microcrystalline polymorph of NMN powder. It may be more stable in the presence of water than NMN; other than that we don't know much. What we do know is that Metro Biotech are conducting human trials and that the results are looking good

So why have Metro Biotech made some people unhappy?

Well, according to: this article the FDA decided in Nov 2022 that NMN can no longer be lawfully marketed as a supplement: their decision was based on MIB-626, a "proprietary form of NMN", being the subject of substantial clinical investigations as a new drug by Metro International Biotech.

Where does David Sinclair fit in to all of this?

He is an SAB Chair and Co-Founder at Metro Biotech. See here.

What is LifePowders' take on it?

We feel that Metro Biotech are conducting human research trials and they have to be highly commended for this. We fully support Metro Biotech in their research; its real research and may ultimately lead to NMN approval for a variety of medical conditions. However, we hope NMN doesn't become an exclusive product only available by prescription, or to the very wealthy.

How stable is LifePowders NMN?

MIB-626 NMN may be more stable in the presence of water than NMN, so how important is this? Humidity tends to increase with temperature (so warmer air tends to have more water in it). According to our supplier (the same guys that supplied NMN to David's Harvard research team), LifePowders NMN is stable and the purity changes little when:

  • frozen for 24 months,
  • stored at room temperature for 6 months, or
  • stored at 40 ℃ for 6 months.
We will publish more details as we get them from our supplier but here's the big takeaway: we only supply 30 gram packs of LifePowders NMN, so if you order larger quantities (240 or 510 grams for example), we will ship multiple packs of 30 grams and this means that you can freeze most of them and keep just a single 30 gram pack to hand. Its not going to degrade within a month or so.

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