Where To Buy Resveratrol Powder

Purchasing Resveratrol Powder

The health benefits of resveratrol powder are becoming increasingly well-known. This natural compound is most commonly associated with the skin of red grapes. So, where to buy resveratrol powder online? How does one find out where to find a product that is high quality and produced with an adequate level of purity? Many websites like Amazon and eBay list lots of options for buying resveratrol powder. Reviews and ratings left by customers who have already purchased the product can be helpful, especially for people who are looking to buy the supplement for the first time. Assuming the reviews are genuine of course. Unfortunately, the vast majority of resveratrol is produced in China and India from knotweed, and the manufacturing process can introduce carcinogens.

Regardless of where you buy it, always look for third-party testing to verify that the supplement is what it says it is.

Resveratrol Powder: Where to Purchase

What are the best sources for purchasing resveratrol powder? There is an incredible number of choices offered on websites like Amazon and eBay, but gleaning anything meaningful from the mountain of options they put in front of you can be challenging. Customer reviews and ratings can be helpful if they come from real people who have bought and used the product. Specialty stores that provide lab testing details are less likely to provide adulterated or watered-down resveratrol. Could it happen? Sure! But it is somewhat less likely if you purchase resveratrol from reputable stores, like real brick-and-mortar health food shops. The problem with these stores is that the amount of resveratrol per "portion" is just too small to be of any benefit.

Surprisingly the "big" platforms like Amazon and eBay are just too "big". Customer reviews on these sites can often be a sorry and unreliable guide to product quality. Many of them are fake.

Questions About Buying Resveratrol Powder Online

Can I take advantage of the French paradox? This relates to relatively high wine consumption, but also higher longevity. Unfortunately, some studies suggest that you'd have to drink about 1,000 bottles of red wine every day to get the amount of resveratrol associated with health benefits in previous lab results!

So, where can one buy the best resveratrol powder? Purchasing resveratrol powder from well-regarded e-commerce sites and dedicated health supplement shops is a safe bet. Platforms like Amazon and eBay offer a multitude of choices. Of course, one has to be smart and look beyond the slick marketing. Paying attention to customer reviews and lab test results is a must. Since negative reviews can sometimes be buried, doing an extra due diligence "dig" is worthwhile. Also, it's critically important to ignore the marketing hype and figure out the amount of resveratrol you are getting per portion.

LifePowders Resveratrol powder is made in Europe by fermentation to avoid carcinogens. It's also approved as a supplement in Europe.


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All of our resveratrol is manufactured in Europe by fermentation to avoid carcinogens potentially introduced by traditional resveratrol produced from knotweed.

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